Late Night Flights…



You had such a good idea taking the late flight home. It’s darker now with the lights dimmed. The plane is not as crowded…especially here in the back where we have the whole row to ourselves. Most of the rest of the passengers are sleeping. The flight attendants have passed out all the blankets and pillows. By the time they get to our row there was only one blanket left for us to share. The flight attendant asked if that was ok and we said that it is. You take the blanket from her and unfold it, covering both our laps. Your eyes meet mine and you see the twinkle in my green eyes and realize I have something naughty planned.
My hands slip under the blanket. First I use them to hike my skirt up. As I hike it up…I feel your hand on my knee and sliding up my thigh. The first flight story never did say what I had on under my dress except for my beige lace push up bra. From the path your hand is taking up my leg…I can tell you are curious…although I suspect you have an idea.

Your hand continues sliding up my thigh. Feeling my warm soft skin under the silky stocking until…your hand runs across the lacy elastic top of my thigh high. Continuing your mission, your hand moves across the bare skin of my upper thigh and dips inward between my legs. I scoot down in the seat…leaning back, my bum on the edge of the seat. I part my legs a little wider…giving you better access to explore under the blanket.

Meanwhile, my hand has also been working on a mission of it’s own under the blanket. My hand had been rubbing your thigh. Palm down, I rubbed down your leg to your knee then curled my fingers a bit so I could lightly drag my nails up your thigh. Flattening my hand again, I rub back down your leg. I keep rubbing your leg like this for awhile. Up and down the length of your thigh…back and forth, back and forth. Until….

My hand shifts to the front of your pants. Where my hand is welcomed by the growing bulge within. I smile, realizing you are as excited as I am. I cup my hand and give a little squeeze.

As the plane continues it’s flight and more people fall asleep, our under blanket explorations also continue.
My hand, cupping your growing bulge, decides to be bold. It moves and quickly unbuttons and unzips your pants. Reaching inside, my hand wraps around your hardening cock and takes it out. Releasing it from the confines of your pants makes it happy and I feel it pulse in my hand. My fingers curl around the shaft as my thumb rubs across the tip of your cock. Feeling your precum, my thumb easily slides back and forth and then I circle it around the head of your cock. Slipping and sliding it’s way around, just above the ridge. I can hear your breathing catch. Now I firmly begin to stroke your rock hard cock up and down. Slow and easy at first…..up ….down…up…down… then feeling your hips start to move I tighten my grip a bit and quicken the speed of my jerking of your cock. As my finger spreads your natural lube over the head of your cock, you moan in pleasure and the shaft of your cock reactively stiffens as my fingers slide over its sensitive head.  
Meanwhile..back on my lap…your hand has dipped inward between my legs and you are now moving it towards my crotch. It is now that you discover…I didn’t wear the matching beige lace panties. Instead you feel my warm, wet naked pussy under your palm. I feel your hand rub up and down my pussy and it grows wetter. I moan as I feel your middle finger dip inside my wet hole. I lift my hips against your hand as your finger curls up inside me…stroking the fire building within me. Your hand continues to work my pussy, building up a nice warm wet flow. You pull your soaked finger out from under the blanket, bringing it to your mouth and looking at me seductively, you lick my juice off your finger with obvious pleasure in your eyes…
Watching you, seductively lick my juice off your finger I think….‘two can play this game.“
The firm stroking of your rock hard cock by my soft, warm hand has your pre-cum oozing. I coat my index and middle fingers with your natural lube and remove my hand from under the blanket.
I bring my hand up in front of my mouth. You can see a drip slowly sliding down the outside of my index finger.  Looking over my fingertips at you, I slide my tongue out from between my ruby red painted lips and using just the tip…catch the drip. I continue to lick up the side of my finger, my eyes seeing you watch as i slide my tongue over the tip and down the other side. My pink tongue moves to my middle finger and licks up the back of that one. When I reach the top of my finger, I open my mouth and slide both fingers inside. My lips pursing around the two digits. I begin to slide them in and out of my mouth, sucking on them as they slide in and out. Your rock hard pleasure toy pulses and throbs, wishing I was sucking on it instead. You can hear the sucking noises coming from my mouth as I begin to really get into it. My eyes flutter shut as I thrust my fingers in and out faster. Your pre-cum tastes so good. I am sucking harder on my fingers…I slide them out and my tongue swirls around the tips. You watch as my pink tongue circles around and around my two fingers and I pop them back in. Sliding them in deep. Licking and sucking the last of your delicious pre-cum off my fingers.
Lifting the blanket again, I say…
“So much for the appetizer. I want the main course now.”
Ducking under the blanket, I move down between your legs… My hands slide up your thighs and pull the front of your pants open a little wider, you shift and lift your butt up so I can tug your pants down a little further. Allowing me access to your balls in addition to my new favorite in-flight entertainment.

I wrap my left hand around your cock, palm on the top, fingertips on the underside. I lift your cock towards your stomach. My right hand massaging your balls. I lean forward and right at the base of your cock…above your balls…I place a kiss and suck on that spot. Before letting my wet tongue slide up length of your shaft. A long, wet trail of my saliva on the underside of your cock. I pop the head of your cock into my juicy mouth and my tongue finds that v on the underside of your cock…it begins to flick there. Flicking back and forth…up and down…fast as my mouth has begun to suck on your cock. My head bopping up & down in your lap. You look down and see your cock sliding in and out of my mouth. You put your hand on the back of my head, close your eyes and feel the sensation of my skilled wet tongue stroking up and down the shaft of your rock hard cock…feel the sensation of the suction action of my mouth…feel the orgasm building up inside you.

I place my hands on the top part of your thighs for leverage and only using my mouth start moving faster. Faster up and down on your cock with my mouth. Twisting and turning side to side so my tongue licks every glorious inch of your cock…from your balls to your cock head. Up, down and all around….faster..harder…wanting you to cum. Needing you to cum…wanting to feel you explode into my mouth…needing to taste you again.
And then you burst inside my mouth. Shooting your hot load deep into my mouth…rewarding me with what I worked so hard for. I keep my mouth still but lightly continue stroking your sensitive cockhead with my tongue, coaxing every last drop of your goodness out. Swallowing, licking my lips as I get back up into my seat, I turn to you and say with a wicked grin on my face….
“Is that what they call the half-mile high club?”



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