Training on the Train



I had just graduated college and was half way through my first week as an intern when I met her. She was to be my mentor for the next couple months. Sofia. Strong, and beautiful, with that pixie butch vibe that i couldn’t get enough of. I had been admiring her since my first day when she held the door for me when we had been dismissed from a meeting for lunch. Her short platinum blonde hair was cut into a cute tousled bob which accentuated her strong yet gentle facial structure. She was a few inches taller than me, but had a very similar body build, yet she rocked it.

We had made connections on several various interests over the past few weeks while she showed me how various aspects to our job were to be done. The Wednesday after she became my mentor, Sofia asked me out for drinks after work. Absolutely giddy, I managed to squeak out a yes and went to grab my coat. After a few drinks, we had gotten to know quite a bit about each other. We both preferred dogs over cats, both loved herbal tea but despised black and green tea, while white was mutually tolerable.  After our fifth round of Appletinis and three shots a piece, the subject turned a bit more personal. It turned out that Sofia had just left a relationship with her girlfriend of a few months. She thought they were going to last, but her ex was too vanilla. When I asked what she meant by this she blushed and looked down at her drink. This is when she divulged that she had always wanted to be a domme for another woman. After assuring her it was completely normal to feel that way, she turned the tables on me and asked how I felt about BDSM. A huge kinkster, I looked down hoping my bangs would hide my blush. Composing myself I attempted to confidently state that I was in fact into the BDSM scene and was a self proclaimed submissive. As hard as I tried, it still came out shakily, which made Sofia giggle and reply stating that training me at work kind of turned her on because it felt like she owned me. Nodding, I agreed with her statement adding in that she did have me at her beck and call and I was required to do anything she asked of me. I shouldn’t have let that slip. Hearing the word “anything” Sofia quirked an eyebrow up and smiled mischievously at me. “In that, my dear, are riding the train with ME on Friday to our workshops downtown.” Oh my. Waiting till Friday will be difficult..



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