Been there done that..with no regrets from me or my sister…

It started as innocent touching, and by the end of our second experience, she feigned sleep until I squirted a huge amount of cum in her very wet pussy.  It wasn’t my intention to cum inside her but when I thought I could just rub the head against her wet pussy, she still pretended to be asleep. it seems as though I had no control when I inserted my cock into her and I barely made my second stroke inside her when her instincts caused her to push her pussy back at my second stroke.  I had no hope of even thinking what to do, as my cock had its own mind drove me deep into her responding pussy, and I flooded her with so much cum I felt like my whole nervous system was coming into her through my dick….. God, it’s 45 years later and I can still recall it like it was yesterday……She and I never spoke to each other about it after, but we both were much closer after, with our understanding.   I still fantasize about her to this day and I know she was thinking about a round 2 at least once when she was drinking and flirting with me.  my cock aches for her….

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