postappantsdown: Exhaling slowly Catherine watched the smoke…


Exhaling slowly Catherine watched the smoke dissipate into the night air just like beliefs that had seemed to be carved in stone days earlier.

Throughout her whole life she had lived through good phases that slowly declined until she felt the need for hard cuts, sometimes painful but always healing. Burning bridges was always more invigorating than building them and it seemed the time had come yet again.

For weeks she had found herself unsatisfied with the status quo, getting her life up to snuff one step at a time. She had fixed what needed fixing, sold what she didn’t need and moved out of the apartment she had grown sick of with the help of the few friends she had left before realizing she had grown sick of them as well.

They were too nice, knew and treated her too well for her liking. Mistrust, backstabbing and ambition were things her cynic mind could handle, friendship and loyalty were not. She was growing weak, the hatred and aggression she had used to power her mind and body through the work week were evaporating whenever she was with her friends, leaving her defenseless against the reality of life.

It was an illusion that had to end, for her own sake more than theirs. She knew they would probably miss her for a while – another thing she wasn’t used to – and it was probably a pretty shitty thing to just cut ties with them when things were going well. But then she wasn’t going to suffer through another phase of friends slowly becoming estranged, ultimately leading to the same result with a lot more pain than a hard cut would ever inflict.

Not that she wasn’t already missing their times together, the laughter and smiles, the little more or less harmless flirts. But if anything that showed her how long overdue it was to leave them behind.

For old times sake she would make it as easy for them as possible. They couldn’t miss Catherine if she got them to hate her and maybe she would be able to feast on the hatred until there would be no love, no weakness left in her and she could become herself once more.

Catherine knew exactly how she was going to accomplish that. All she had to do was follow up on some suppressed thoughts and fantasies, a surefire way to destroy any friendships she had built up and depending on how things went there was even a chance for some good sex.

The cigarette flew down, disappearing from her view long before inevitably hitting the streets below. She slipped her head back inside, flexing her fingers and muscles in a sudden rush of energy, equal parts mean bitch and hungry attack dog roaring inside her.

Catherine knew she would have an easy enough start with Simon, the way they looked at each other when no one was watching made it clear that only Laura stood between them. Even that was a fragile construct, bound to shatter and collapse at the touch of a finger.

Two floors, that was all that separated Catherine from Simon, that and a woman she considered a friend but who just happened to be on a weeklong team building trip to the beach. Easy target, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a fun target.

She stood in front of his door and had rung the bell before she had found the time to think, her chances of reconsidering fading with every second, then completely evaporating when she heard the key turn.

“Catherine, how are you?”

“Simon, not well actually. Can I come in?”

“Yeah, sure, sure. What’s up?”

The moment the door had closed behind them Catherine found herself in his arms, feeling the same inner struggle in him she had felt for months, years even. A struggle that had to be suppressed for the sake of their group and friendship but acted on for sanity’s sake.

She didn’t need a lot of words to explain. “No one ever has to know.”

He was close, that much she could see. All that was needed was another little push, one more step over the border. Catherine could already smell the victory and felt it on her lips a moment later, a wordless insult to Laura, anyone in their group really.

When she pulled back Simon held her at arms length, a whole set of conflicting emotions swirling in his eyes.

“We, we can’t Catherine. Laura’s gonna be home tomorrow.”

A finger on his lips she hushed him to be silent. “Exactly. And if we don’t act now the moment will be gone forever, it’s now or never.”

The conflicting emotions took a sad turn and for a moment Catherine thought he would stay strong, but then Simon pulled her closer, their lips meeting once more and sealing their fate. When he looked at her again the look had changed, there was the same determination in his eyes as she probably had in hers.

“She can never know.”

“She would kill us both.” She probably would indeed.

Simon pushed Catherine into the bedroom as much as she pulled him there, the first layer of clothes left in their wake. Simon had a hard time admitting to herself how much she had needed to feel those hands on her breasts, those fingers on her neck and in her back pockets. Her belt became undone and her back landed on the bed, her jeans stripped down before she knew what had happened. If she had ever been this ready to make mistakes Catherine couldn’t remember it, pulling him down with her into the cushions that still smelled of Laura.

It would be fun to see if she was going to notice or if she stayed oblivious to the bitter end. For now there were other things on her mind, equally fun and just as mean. She was ready to be the proxy by which Simon would fuck Laura, all their lives and the future he and Laura might have had. Lovely.

She felt his hands on her shirt, pushing it up until she was all naked, enjoying the teasing touches of his tongue on her nipples. Grabbing his dick she gave it a couple strokes, feeling him tense up in her hands.

“A little incentive to make you hurry.”

“As if I needed one.”

“We’ll see. Just don’t be nice to me, I’ve had my fair share of nice lately.” That she had, a little half-truth could go a long way in a naughty mind.

He stepped back off the bed to get out of his pants, then was back on top of her a moment later. Catherine felt the hands on her hips as much as the tip of his dick rubbing against her, harder than life these days and stiffer than her first attempts of talking to boys back in the day.

Just when she wanted to order him to hurry up her involuntary moan did just that and a moment later his dick dove into her pussy. For an invaluable moment her mind felt free of everything, none of the hardships of life managed to get to the surface and there was just dick on her mind.
A good one at that, just big and small enough to fill her up without causing pain and moving in and out of her with exactly the speed she needed. Or no, a little less than she needed, but Catherine could see and feel he was working on that.

Every third or fourth thrust came unexpected at an unexpected angle, speed or moment, making it unable for her to adapt to a rhythm. It was perfect, with most men she had to make a conscious effort to come, focus on the rhythm and work her way to an orgasm, all in what little time they had before their dicks couldn’t handle the wet warmth anymore. WIth Simon she could just sink into bed and cushions, waiting for the moment her body couldn’t handle the constant surprise anymore.

She didn’t even feel the need to switch positions, get on top or really do anything other than getting lost in half finished thoughts and waves of emotions she couldn’t quite explain. One second she felt an inexplicable thirst for a strong, bitter beer, the next all her mind processed was the sound of laughter and the mental image of a night by the campfire.

But there was something else, something that waited for its change to surface. She came closer and closer to it, felt she just had to touch it but whenever she tried another glimpse into her memories took over.

Then she grabbed it, holding onto it as fast as she could before it had a chance to escape again. She wanted to open her eyes, look at it but she knew it would disappear the moment she did. So Catherine kept them closed, her body tensing up and the moment the image of tears running down Laura’s face in front of her inner eyes the next unexpected thrust pushed her over the edge, waves of pleasure, pain and violence rolling through her every fibre and easing the tension in her muscles without releasing it.

She opened her eyes, the refreshing feeling of having found herself again filling her with emotions a sane woman wouldn’t have or know to suppress. Simon was still going at her, now as pathetic as he had been hot moments earlier with that dumb look on his face that made her grin.

It was obvious she wouldn’t have to wait for him much longer, everything about him was tense and his movements had become erratic. For some weird reason she felt like kissing him, but before she could Simon groaned, pulling his dick out of her pussy just before her body had calmed down enough to feel the soreness, an admittedly decent load of cum shooting over her stomach. Probably unsurprising after a week without his girlfriend, he was just the kind of guy who waited through that time just to make Laura feel welcomed.

Well, this time Laura had missed out. Catherine ran a finger through the pool of cum playing with it for a while until she turned around, smearing all of it into the sheets. With a grin she turned around, looking at a Simon who slowly came back to his senses and realized what he had done as he sunk against the wall next to her.

“Oh god Catherine, what have we done?”

With a lazy grin Catherine turned her head towards him, then whispered into his ear. “Whatever it was don’t think I’ll let you off the hook before we’ve done it again.”

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