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Jane asked her boyfriend to pretend she was a little girl and he was an older man. She asked him to talk about how he touched her and how much he loved fucking her. She asked him to fuck her while making her feel like a young girl who gets used by her daddy every day and secretly likes it.

It’s the only way she gets off anymore.

“Your cunny’s so small, Janey. It’s so small and smooth and tight. I started molesting you when you were 8. You liked it immediately. You’d sit on my lap, spread your legs open, and wait quietly until I’d put my hand on your hairless little cunny. Then you’d hump yourself against my hand until I’d slide a finger inside your cunnyhole.

“Now look at you… you’re only 12 years old and I can’t keep myself from fucking you every chance I get. Your little pussy feels so fucking good. And you like it too. I can tell you like it when daddy fucks you. Your pussy gets so wet. It’s ok to like it, baby. Daddy likes it too. Daddy loves fucking you, princess. I’m never going to stop.”

OMG…Baby Girl K….THIS….please fuck daddy!!!

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