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(via Hoe in a world without hope)

Hoe in a world without hope

There wasn’t much left, and little of what remained seemed desirable. Which put Maggie in a great spot, seeing she had one of the few things people still loved, needed and were willing to pay for: A pussy and tits.

Some things never went out of fashion and bending over for money certainly was one of them, only that money had been replaced by ammunition, food or safe passage between the myriad of different fractions that had emerged.

Not to mention it was actually quite fun, Maggie had always enjoyed relaxing and getting fucked and that was what ninety percent of guys wanted.

And so she could rest her head on her palms and look out of the watchtower’s window into the vast emptiness while the guard gave her pussy some much needed attention. She had already half forgotten his name – Damian maybe – but she knew she would remember the feeling of his dick for a while. It was a good dick, large enough to rip holes into her carefully maintained facade of disinterest but not large enough to be painful.

He was the same, his hands gripping her hips strong but not too strong and his thrusts somewhere between soft, caring and strong, forceful. Maggie noticed her body involuntarily reacting to him, from her head sinking down over short moans and the shivers that overcame her whenever he ran his hands over her back.

He smacked her buttcheeks and while her instinct told her to object to that her body ached for more and all that came over her lips was a short squeak trailing off into another moan.

Her eyes fell onto a truck being loaded outside and before her vision blurred she noticed a group of soldiers checking their weapons, they would be their escort on the upcoming trip she was just paying for.

Her focus shifted back to the room, the slight chill the thick windows could only hold off so much and the rough wood of the table against her elbows. His pace was increasing and she realized he was going to cum before her, then that she had to play catch up if she wanted to get her fix as well.

She let her head fall down again, staring at the table through her closed eyes and breathing through her mouth, relaxing her body as much as possible to leave herself vulnerable against his thrusts that came hard, frequent now.

„Don’t stop now!“, Maggie whimpered, instantly rewarded by harder, more frequent thrusts.

She could feel her nipples rub against the cloth of her shirt that he had only half pushed up on her body, felt his hands holding her tighter and his balls smacking against her thighs.

He groaned slightly and she noticed it was only a matter of moments before he would fill up the condom. In a last attempt to cum she let herself drop onto the table, her legs merely resting on the ground without any tension and as she felt the table’s edge dig into her hips with each thrust she felt an orgasm rising up, short and swift. It was only a fraction of what her body needed, but it was an orgasm alright. Then just when she thought it was over he thrust into her violently and she came, hard enough to lose her balance.

He pulled out, then pulled her back by the hair before she could recover.

„I made you cum, now suck me off till I finish.“

There was a tone in his voice she didn’t care for, but then she was his slut for a few moments and the moment he came the power would shift back to her.

She went down on her knees and tasted the silicone taste of the condom, easing her lips over the tip of his dick and then almost choking as he pressed her head towards his body, forcing her to swallow him whole.

Taken by surprise Maggie grabbed his ass cheeks to regain balance, then to hold onto something as he started fucking her throat so hard she could barely take it. It didn’t take him more than a couple of thrusts before his dick started itching and he pulled out, slipping the condom off just in time before a massive load of sticky cum hit her chin and dripped down onto her shirt. He stroked his cock a few more times, then looked down at her.

„Good job, I will recommend you to the others.“


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