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(via Not much of a challenge)

I like a good challenge as much as anybody, but everyone needs an easy chick in his life if you ask me. Someone you can turn to when the challenge didn’t work out or the teasing phase is still ongoing, someone who answers the door when you knock and asks you inside no matter what time it is.

Ellie was just that, my own personal depraved slut. Or maybe I shared her with other guys, even though I never got that impression. But then who cares, she wasn’t a woman I was going to get envious over. The first time we met she was lonely and just recovering from the trauma of finding her apartment broken into, I was still the beat cop looking to make Detective one day.
She needed attention as much as I needed to do something against my crush on my then partner. Boy was she hot, that uniform fetish we all kind of have certainly doesn’t help if you spend hours a day in a car with the literal embodiment of sexy in uniform. But she was also someone I respected and back then I did not have the benefit of a more or less flawless career and could have easily lost my job if things had gone South.

But Ellie posed no threat to me, instead she was incredibly thankful as I knocked on her door a second time that day, or night really. A new door with a tougher looking lock that would provide just as much protection as the old one, but her legs were certainly not locked. She wore grey guy boxers with a slight wet spot when she opened the door, a dark black tshirt and neither stayed on very long.

She asked me inside and the only hard thing was my dick, no need for words and certainly no weeks of dating, buying drinks and acting as if I wanted her mind more than her body. It turned out she had a beautiful mind as well, but only over time and her body certainly impressed me more then. Or now, really, if I want smart chicks there are plenty back at the department who keep my mind sharp as much as thinking of Ellie makes my dick hard.

She had a strange kind of beauty to her, a little of that sad, French movie cutie with her shoulder long black hair and slim figure, mixed with a face I could stare into for hours with her cute little freckles, the lips and nose that gave her that certain hint of mystery. Oh, and of course her lack of gratuitous morals so many other women lived and died by.

You wanted to kiss her? Just pull her in, feel her boobs against your chest and her lips on yours. Wanted her to suck your dick the moment you came into the door? Close it behind you and gently push her down to her knees. And if you wanted to just lean back on her couch and have her do all the work you just sat down and she wouldn’t even need to be told what to do.

I used her, no way around that. When I had another girlfriend she wouldn’t see me for a week or two. The moment my girlfriends inevitably got cranky, bitchy and demanding I would remember I had a remedy living just ten minutes away and she would take me back as if I hadn’t been gone. At first I felt kind of weird about using her like that, even tried being nicer to her until I understood she wanted and needed exactly what I gave her, a man that would keep her at arm’s length even while she was in his arms. She wasn’t one for relationships and love, more one for trust and sex and giving as much as she took.

She never called me or send me a text even though she had my number, not even the couple times we went a month without seeing each other. No complaints either, no bickering why I hadn’t called, she would just take the flowers, fancy wine taken from a house we searched earlier that day or whatever I had grabbed in a pinch.
Some kind of present she never seemed to expect and it always put a slight smile to her face, a present that was forgotten the next second until our bodies cooled down again and we ate or drank it up together.
A second round after, then I would tuck her into the blanket and leave her behind. Rarely would I fall asleep next to her, really only on those rare occasions when she showed signs of wanting me to stay, when she locked her arms around me and kissed me, looked me deep into the eyes with her mouth twitching as if she wanted to say something.

But usually she was a chick for a couple hours, the only time we ever spent a full weekend together was when I invited her to a cabin I had rented. Boy did we fuck a lot that weekend, autumn was around the corner and it was both too hot to stay dressed during the day and too cold not to get all cuddly in the evenings. Nothing to do really, books just a way to pass time until our bodies were ready again and I swear I couldn’t walk properly for days after.

I still think about that weekend from time to time, how we made that cabin ours and really fucked everywhere we shouldn’t have. How I bent her over the wooden railing around the porch, how I stopped her from climbing the ladder to the sleeping area so I could fuck her while she held on to the steps. How we took a walk down to the lake and rowed the little boat out, really just so we could say we had properly used what the place had to offer. How Ellie went outside when she needed to pee, standing there out in the open where all the people who weren’t there could have watched. The couch pillows we flipped around to hide the stains.

And how we never did it again after that one time, a fond memory and nothing but before it was back to late night walks up the stairs to her third floor apartment.

Just like last night, I just needed to see her again. It had been close to a month again, for once not because of conflicting love interests but because of work, one hell of a case that had doubled my overtime and everyone’s on my team. Too much violence, too much work and too little humanity left in this world, the perfect time to bust a cap in your head or a nut into an easy chick.

I decided to stay sane and drove out to her instead of going back even though it was well past midnight and really no time to wake a lady from her sleep. But I needed to, needed the feel of breasts and butt under my fingers, needed the workout and an orgasm I hadn’t had in days. I knocked, again and waited leaned against the wooden railing that was awfully shaky under the weight of a grown man. But it held without breaking on me and before I could knock again the door opened, giving way to a tired and incredibly cute face. Her hair was all messed up and she wore a worn old tshirt, probably had been blue sometime long ago before fading to almost white.

But her smile was broad and sincere, taking priority even over her nipples that so visibly poked through the shirt or the fact she hadn’t even bothered putting on underwear.

“Well, if that isn’t my favourite cop of them all.”

“Ellie, I’m sorry it’s so late. Did I wake you up?”

“No, I wasn’t asleep yet. You come just in time, I am so fucking horny all day and I was just about to take care of that problem myself.”

Gee, if that didn’t sound inviting. Perfect considering all I could think of was fucking her hard and rough and seeing she was in a wild mood herself made it all the better. It was funny how there was already sex in the air when I hadn’t even crossed her doorstep, maybe some of her neighbours had even heard us but then neither of us really cared. All I cared for were those tits, grabbing that ass and all she cared for was guiding my hand right down to her pussy without any delay. My fingers were inside her before the door had fully closed and I used them to steer her, angling them slightly to pull her behind me as if on a leash, a fucking short one at that.

But Ellie did not bark or try to strain that leash and a moment later we were in her living room, a cute mess of books and comfy pillows, evidence of her personality if she wasn’t going for willing fuck toy.

“Don’t go easy on me, we can always go slow later.”

Another fine invitation I could not resist. “Just what I need myself.”

I’ve never liked couch sex too much, just like bed sex it’s a damn good way to make a great thing boring. It’s too comfortable and good sex never really is. There has to be struggle involved, sweat and aching muscles and maybe even the occasional tear on the brink between pain and pleasure.

I held her hip with one arm and used the other to get her out of the shirt, a most welcome struggle that soon left her naked, ready and willing on all fours in front of me as I gently pushed her down.

As I undid my buckle Ellie looked around over her shoulder, not just sex in her eyes but a darker, violent undertone as well.

“Spank me, and for fuck’s sake make it hurt.”

I will never quite understand how so many women are so fragile and on the verge of crying when they stub their toes and yet they take an ass whopping so hard it makes me uncomfortable. And I knew Ellie to be tough even during the day, if she was in a spanking mood her ass would be fire red before she was satisfied. So I got to work, giving her butt cheeks a teasing pass with my fingers that sent shivers through her before I grabbed her, turned her around so her cheeks were right in reach of my right hand that came down with all the force I could muster. Man did that first slap echo through the room, and before Ellie’s shrieking moan had a chance to subside my hand was already down again, this time hitting her right cheek.

“God, just like…” was all she brought out before I slapped her again, giving her a slight pause to grab her by the neck and press a hard kiss on her lips, nibbling on her lip with my teeth.

“You like that?”

“Please, don’t stop. God it’s so hard to find someone who isn’t afraid of…”

Slap. Pause, one more slap. Break time, my fingers taking over as they ran over her swollen pussy lips and a kiss on her already burning hot ass. Damn she was wet, and she was ready for me with her head resting on the floor as much as her forearms, audible moans as I slid my fingers deep into her. They are strong fingers, a big hand with ever so slightly rough skin from all that getting in and out of gloves that can inflict some serious pleasure in a tight pussy like hers. Maybe they aren’t quite on the level on a long hard dick, but they can get a woman into that state where she is so close to orgasm that she can’t even beg you to fuck her anymore. And unlike dicks fingers can stretch that state out so long they kind of break down like a power tool low on battery, exhausted and not doing any useful work until you recharge them.

Which was right what I was going to do to her, recharge her for another day in this ugly world. Not for a while though, she still had some sense in her eyes as I grabbed her by the chin to stare at her, putting as much aggression into my eyes as into the thrusts of my fingers. As rough as my skin might have been it was no match for how slippery wet Ellie was, soon I had her all over my hand and she still showed no sign of slowing down.

Her eyes met mine and I could see she had crossed the line of sanity, her mouth open and her gaze cross-eyed.

“Use me.”

She sure was in a sex-starved mood, but then so was I and it wasn’t surprising considering how long it had been. There is that sweet line where ignoring your desires makes it so much better, but we were both well past that. A week without an orgasm is amazing, your dick so hard it’s close to bursting even from the friction of walking, then I might be able to jerk off to go for another week without a real woman but if I don’t get sex by the second week my mind takes seriously dark turns. I get cranky, suspects look dangerously similar to punching bags and the shit I have to put up with all day everyday is close to driving me insane. A good woman can solve all that, and tonight Ellie was a particularly good woman.

I let go of her to get up and struggle out of my pants and boxers, quite the struggle as my dick was so hard it hurt to even get up. I threw the clothes behind me and couldn’t quite muster the patience to get rid of my shirt as well, getting on my knees behind her and taking a final look at her gaping pussy before I directed my dick where my eyes had just been.

Her red hot cheeks felt vulnerable to the touch, so naturally I dug my fingers deep into them as my dick thrust forward, slow and deep and pushing all air out of her lungs as she sighed with relief. It’s a good dick as well, just an inch or so longer than average but perfect for that little surprise, that extra push they don’t quite expect and going in a little deeper when they already exhausted all air.

Ellie was no different, there are certain things you can never quite get used to no matter how well you know them. That feeling of boobs or ass in your hand, or grabbing a woman above her hips so that your fingers almost run around her whole body. Hard stomach muscles convulsing under your finger tips as they come or shooting a load of cum into them without pulling out. Or the reverse in their case of course, it’s close to the same but it feels all new again regardless.

And there is no way plunging your dick into a warm, wet pussy will ever get boring, the way your dick is so hard you struggle to get it inside her because it won’t budge more than an inch. How you have to lean over her to even enter her, the desire to go slow and drag out the inevitable conflicting with your desire to come right now, or better yet a second ago.

I cared not for Ellie anymore, I know you are not supposed to say that but my own pleasure was all I had in my mind and in doing so I gave her exactly what she needed. Her moans and sighs and slutty half-sentences would not reach my ears until I had already pumped her full of cum, everything about her only noticeable in retrospect. Right then it was just a wet pussy, my dick wondering how it was supposed to go on any longer and her ass cheeks slapping against my hips with each thrust.

Some time between then and now, here and there I guess I came, but as much as I see her in retrospect as little can I recall of when that happened exactly. I remember the almost painful pulses as my dick pumped and pumped cum into her, I guess had I pulled out that load might have been worth a picture.

Nothing can quite prepare you for that moment when reality sets back in, when you realize that woman below you did not quite deserve how you just treated her and coming to terms with the fact it was what you both needed. That hint of shame over aligning dark sides, that neither of you is going to hate the other for what just happened. No yelling, no shoves and crying, no breakup but instead cuddling, exhausted smiles as you drop down next to her and the hard floor finally becomes uncomfortable but you have no intent to get up anytime soon.

Ellie turned around to her back, resting her head on my arm and our fingers lazily running over the other’s legs and stomach. Then she turned over to the side, her right leg on top of me to make sure I had even less reason to get up. She took advantage of my exhausted and defenceless state to get her fair share of kisses out of me, fingers running over my stomach and pushing up my shirt.

Looking up at her I couldn’t help but smile, that face was just so incredibly cute. “I think I got a little carried away there.”

“And thank god you did.”

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