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A lazy morning in the wastelands

„Hey, wake up!“

Opening one eye Amy saw it was Helen crouching down at her side and shaking her shoulder. Amy’s first instinct was to jump up, grab her rifle and fight what ever might have interrupted the peace, but then she noticed there was no urgency in the air and sank back.

„Why? Why can’t you just let me sleep?“

„Nonsense, you’ve slept long enough, sun’s already up my dear.“

„Yeah no kidding, did you somehow forget I go scavenging at night?“

„Well that’s your problem, not mine. But it would be a pity if you slept through the day while the others fill their stomachs with the stuff you brought.“

„Don’t care, that’s what I bring it back for after all. Just let me sleep.“

With that Amy rolled over on her stomach, hoping against better knowledge that she could fall asleep again but even the attempt was cut short by Helen who swung her leg over Amy and started to dig her fingers into her neck and shoulders.

„Aw, don’t be like that. Come on, just relax and I’ll wake you up in no time.“

With a sigh Amy silently admitted that it did feel quite good and that her aching muscles needed the friendly touch as much as her soul. If Helen wanted to test her massaging skills and she didn’t have to do anything her body was a willing participant in this experiment.

„Ugh, fine if you have to.“

Against her will a sigh escaped her lips as Helen dug her thumbs into her shoulder blades.

„See, you can act all you want but I can hear you beg for more.“

Amy nodded tiredly. „Yeah, can’t deny it feels good.“

Suddenly Helen’s lips were right at her ear and she whispered a sinister sounding „you are all mine now honey“.

„I would say I walked into that trap with open eyes but that would be a lie.“

In fact even trying to keep her eyes open for more than a second didn’t seem feasible at that point, making her wonder just how long she would be able to work nights and sleep days. She had always considered early birds stupid and overly ambitious but lately it had become downright impossible to get up before noon. Sure, her hard work paid off and helped feed their community, but at what price?

The fingers kept running over her body, meandered down her spine and dissipated into thin air just inches before it would have gotten inappropriate. Amy realized with a certain degree of annoyance that her brain followed that direction a little too far, pushing her close to the pathetic line and nudging her to step over with all kinds of excuses from ‚who would mind‘ to ‚who would even notice‘.

In that moment Amy suddenly realized her body had finally started to wake up, felt the energy running through the nerves and slowly bringing the lion to life again. A lion that was as ready to strike as it was to purr and stretch in the sun for the time being.

With a sigh she rolled onto her back and stretched her muscles, opening her eyes to look at the controls around her.  Amy loved her little refuge at the very top of the crane that posed as the north side end of their small town and offered an amazing view of the surroundings. There were living quarters below her built on sub-floors but none came even close to rivalling her home at the very top. Amy knew people envied her for it, but only so much because they knew she worked hard and earned a little bonus in return.

The harbor spread all around their little safe haven, the whole maze of containers and ships offering both security and months worth of exploration, not that she could see any of that from the floor. With another sigh she rolled around and smiled at Helen.

„Thanks, I really needed that.“

Helen grinned back more than she smiled, a slightly devious look in her eyes.

„If you think I’m already done with you that’s your first mistake of the day right there.“

Amy’s ‚what are you talking about‘ hadn’t come over her lips when Helen’s hand had slid under her sleeping shirt to push it up while following the lines of her stomach.

„Oh no no, you won’t“, Amy said while her hands shot up to catch Helen’s arms and hold them where they were.

Helen cocked her head to the side, a mildly annoyed expression forming on her face.

„And here I thought I had softened you up enough to drop your guard for once. What are you afraid of?“

A million things, but leading the list was just how much she actually craved it, wanted Helen to keep working on her until she squealed and came and then again.

„See, that hesitation shows me all I need to know my dear, you just don’t know what’s good for you.“

Annoyed with herself Amy wanted to fight Helen’s advance, but then she knew who would have the upper hand in that fight with her body still half asleep, half aroused and so she sank back into the mattress, the shirt coming over her shoulders and landing somewhere behind her.

„And you do know or what?“

Helen’s lips came awfully close to hers, then before Amy could catch a thought or breath they touched in a tease of a kiss before Helen pulled back, Amy’s head arching up in an ill-fated attempt of bringing her back.

„I’d say I have a pretty clear idea, yes.“

Amy hated how easily Helen messed with her head and tried to pull her down but Helen was quick to fend off that attempt with a wider stance and another kiss that seemed to pull all the fight out of Amy.

„You can be all tough and strong once you climb down that ladder but believe me, right now you are not in control and you don’t have to be.“

Amy scoffed, but Helen was right and she was like wax in her hands that was already starting to melt like her resistance already had. It was a fight she was bound to lose and so she admitted an early defeat and relaxed her muscles. Helen obviously noticed because she let a hand run through Amy’s hair and smiled warmly.

„That’s more like it. You’ll overwork yourself if you don’t relax a little, and then who’s going to feed all those poor souls who prefer bickering to doing any work?“

Amy couldn’t help a small chuckle. „You know, I usually try not to think like that, but…“

„…but sometimes you look at that useless bunch and wonder what they actually do all day?“

„Yeah, yeah right.“

In a swift motion Helen got out of her own shirt and pants, careful to keep Amy pressed into the mattress so she couldn’t suddenly escape.

„My my, haven’t we turned a little arrogant. You should get descend upon the mere mortals from your mighty tower here every now and then and you might realize they are even more useless than you think.“

It was weird how Helen managed to keep surprising her, probably a good sign of how much she needed the distraction to return to her normal self again. Amy pulled her closer for another kiss and this time Helen allowed her a little bit of control, their lips not leaving each other’s until they were both out of breath.

„Okay, I’ll admit I really need that orgasm now.“

„Good girl.“

„Any chance you can make it quick?“

„Or… I could keep you in that begging state for the next hour until your brain is all mush and you’ll do aynthing I say.“

„Oh please don’t, I might have to kill you.“

„Quick it is, then, turn around will you?“

Amy followed the order, thankful she could stare into the mattress as her pants magically moved down to her feet and left her naked, defenseless and a pathetic piece of slut who begged to be fucked.

A single finger teasingly touching her butt cheek was enough to get a moan out of her and when Helen’s hand continued down to circle her pussy lips she was all but ready to cum. With a downright insulting ease Helen played with her, fingers spreading her lips but even when Amy tried to move her hips back they would withdraw, leaving her feeling utterly betrayed.

Just when Amy thought she couldn’t handle it anymore two fingers slid deep into her, knuckles smacking against her pussy as Helen thrust into her, only to pull back and plunge right back into her.

„Oh god, just like that. Please don’t stop.“

Helen’s left hand had a tight grip of her left butt cheek, squeezing it hard enough to distract her mind with pain and surprising her each time the fingers plunged into her.

At least Helen had the decency to stick to her word and make it quick, or maybe it was just Amy’s body that was so starved of sex it couldn’t handle two tiny fingers for more than a couple minutes. From the first thrust Amy had known she wasn’t going to last, but now that she felt the orgasm creeping up she knew it was too quick, would leave her craving more but she couldn’t draw it out.

She came, embarassingly quick and with a force that took all tension out of her muscles, making her fall into the mattress as Helen’s fingers slid out of her. A moment later as she turned around Helen leaned against the wall, her legs resting on Amy’s as they just stared at each other in silence.

finally Amy rolled to the side, resting her head in her palm as she grinned at Helen. „You know it’s your turn now, don’t you?“


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