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May 03 2015

Horny in Germany?


Horny in Germany? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It is heaven for the monger with so much to choose from.

Check out our up to date map of partytreffs, FKK:s, flatrate, brothels and swinger clubs.

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May 02 2015

Going to Berlin – Erlebniswohnung GangBang Club

Yes, it’s time again for my next trip to Berlin. No trip to Berlin without visiting Erlebniswohnung GangBang Club.

I always need to check that my two favourites are working, Sophie and Yvonne.

Sophie is not the best looking gal but a very nice babe with the best attitude I have seen in ERW. It is very exciting to see and to hear the noise when a guy bangs her hard the massage table. Anyway I have banged her ass hard, finger her fanny both on the Message Table and the bed multiple times in multiple occasions

Yvonne is a stunner with perfect tits. Always want to get here to blow me. Best BBBJCIM. Slow, no rush. She likes fucked doggy style it while blowing others on the front. Great body and such a wanderful ass and pussy. Sometimes you get to play long time with her pussy, great DTY but always want her to finnish me off with very long nice BBBJ.

Found below video from Erlebniswohnung. Neither Sophie or Yvonne on video but still gets me in the right mood.

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Apr 10 2015

New version of MyXXXCentral Android App released

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Mar 30 2014 and more

Check out or new exciting XXX blog along with our nischesites

Hot latina milf with big natural tits wears nerd glasses and takes it in her nice ass

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Mar 30 2014

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Apr 30 2013

Sale on Generic Cialis aka Super Viagra

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Generic Cialisis will last you through a weekend of sex – proven to me several times at Erlebniswohnung in Berlin.

I buy from MyXXXPills. They shipp and deliver within 7 to 14 business days (for brand pills) and 7 to 21 business days (for generic pills). If for some reason the order did not arrive or was lost they will send another parcel without questions asked, this happened to me and they sent a new shipment directly.

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Apr 02 2013

Experience Apartment – Erlebniswohnung – Berlin – Part 2



Sauna and a bit of food any ready for more. A larger, chubby girl with excellent English (Isabella) enticed me onto the bed and had me hard in seconds with a true deep throat. Then I asked her if she did anal. She answered cheekily ‘yes, I can take it there. Just stick it in! ‘ She was tight and very horny, a great experience.

Back to the skinny tall one for a 2nd session. Still could not come with her even though I found her very attractive and she was cheeky and friendly as well. My dick was starting to get desensitized! *Then another session with Nadja. *But no cum.

Then it was fun watching some loud action with an older, slightly chubby hausfrau type with some middle aged guys who seemed to know her. One guy was almost fisting her and I joined in with two fingers gently massaging her asshole. She seemed to love it. I asked if she did anal and after a little bit of translating help from the other guys*I was screwing her in the ass while she sucked off another and held a third cock. Fourth cum in 3 hours. Felt like being in a porno movie!

Another session with a new skinny girl with large pussy lips (Dora) and at the same time Nadja. No cum but incredibly for me, still hard. *



More and more guys turning up and action started getting very steamy with a chubbier, blond but still very sexy girl and around 3 guys with at least 5 looking closely on. I joined in and found myself in the middle of hottest fuck of my night with me slamming in hard with her legs over my shoulders and she was sucking another guys cock almost in front of my face and holding two more in her hands. One of the guys spread out her **** for me as I entered. I blew hard for the fifth time that afternoon while she stared sexily into my eyes (at the same time as sucking a cock). *I was spent. But that scene will live with me a long time.

The party was still going on but I had to go as I was getting a bit jaded by the end.

The next day I went back again around 6 in the afternoon. I just could not help myself. I was horny again instantaneously and had several nice fucks but in hindsight I should have saved myself at least a day in between (I had three total in Berlin) , because for me at least, there is only so much sex you can have jun a short time and really enjoy it. I found it harder to cum and my dick was getting a bit raw!

In summary, I guess this scene is not for everyone, but you only live once and I am sure as hell glad I found this place via ISG and tried it out! Truly fantastic value, clean venue, wild sex and the weirdness factor easily overcome by the generally relaxed atmosphere (several girls themselves said it was a happier place than other brothels) and the horny factor of seeing so much, non-stop sex.

The only thing I wished I had gotten to experience was a sandwich (Sophie was not there the days I was there and according to Mustafa she would be the one to do this).

I just have to figure out how to get back to Berlin again soon.)

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Apr 01 2013

Experience Apartment – Erlebniswohnung – Berlin – Part 1



Wow, wow, wow. First time Erlebnis visitor for two consecutive days earlier this week. My balls are still aching. Nothing left of my dick either. I guess about 13-14 fucks (although I did not pop every time) , numerous blowjobs and some hot scenes I will never forget.


I have to confess my heart was racing a bit as I climbed the stairs of the Karl Marx subway station and looked across the road to the entrance. The building was a bit shabby looking and once inside the main door the stairs were dark and also rather poorly maintained. But I rang the buzzer and the door opened straight away and a friendly young guy greeted my and showed me inside. After 10 paces down the corridor we passed the opening to one of the rooms where I could take in the astonishing scene of two girls and about 4-5 guys on the bed. One of the girls gazed over at me wide-eyed as she simultaneously sucked on a hard cock and had another guy pumping away at her doggy. Wow!

I was shown the rest of the apartment, sauna, living room etc and after he took my phone for safekeeping (I was able to come back and check for messages etc on it whenever I liked) and the 90 Euro entrance fee and then I was able to take off my clothes and go shower.

The apartment is small but really quite nice and I was to discover later during the afternoon that the food and snacks provided are also really very good (and extremely welcome after so much sex!) There was pasta with bolognnaise one day and salmon the next and a wide selection of cheeses, salamis, salads, cakes and sweets. Beer and coke etc was free to take from the fridge whenever. OK, the atmosphere was ‘different’ to say the least from any place I have been before, with such a focus on sex right in full view of everyone, but at the same time quite friendly and very relaxed in between sessions. Both punters and many of the girls as well. Even though I have zero German I was able in between sessions to strike up many conversations and learn a little about the Berlin scene and other venues etc. But everyone was in consensus that Erlebnis was the best value, well run and most relaxed place to come to.

Having no prior knowledge of my capacity to engage in continuous sex for many hours I had purchased beforehand some of these herbal-based pills that are supposed to help in this department. I don’t really know if they contributed or not, but I can certainly say that I felt flushed and horny when I arrived and within 1 minute of walking into one of the rooms I was hard as a rock and being sucked off by one of the girls there. And even though I could not cum every time I was still hard all the time in the rooms. Maybe the pills, maybe the charged atmosphere and non-stop live porn. Go figure.

This was a Tuesday at about 2pm when I arrived and there were not so many here I guess. Six girls (three active at any moment, two in one room and one in the other) and maybe 12-14 men. Aged between 30 and 60 I guess. It picked up a bit by early evening and at its busiest there were maybe 25 guys in the apartment. Some of the girls left and were replaced by others during the evening.

I have to say that (at least on first impression) the looks of the girls was slightly disappointing, there were a few over 30 and one older lady (very loud moaner, especially with two guys she seemed to know). But after a few hours there I came to appreciate that for me it was actually the chubbier girls that were the horniest and brought me off the most easily. There better looking ones were a little more mechanical.

I am not one for remembering names and in this place it seems you don’t stop to introduce yourself in the rooms, you just stick in you cock! . I checked the website afterwards and inserted the name of a few of the girls I think it was in brackets.

The first girl was skinny, dark haired with a little bit ‘hard’ face, firm large tits and nipples, shaved (Nadja). I enjoyed a hard fuck and huge first cum. *After a sauna and some snacks only 20 minutes later I was back on the bed with a slightly chubbier dark haired, with nice, big tits. (Maybe it was Iza) Great BJ and fuck. 2nd cum inside the hour. *

I wandered from room to room, taking in the action and still hard, I enjoyed a long BJ from a skinny, tall, very attractive girl with glasses. She seemed to be there with her boyfriend. Then I fucked but I could not cum. Still thoroughly enjoyed myself regardless. *

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Nov 26 2012

New Bangkok BJ Bar

Checked out ‘Another’ new BJ bar on Friday night, owned by the famous Som. Been open a week now, so only a few girls available. Location is Sukhumvit Soi 14 first soi on the right.

Rooms are big and have st and massage rooms. Fully stocked bar and you get a BJ on the sofas just like SOL, but I chose the upstairs room for the action. Ex Lolitas Jhin was my chosen lady and what a job she did too. She got naked and I mean naked! DFK, DATY, Finger in pussy / ass the lot. Rooms have showers and as I said before, the rooms are big.

Price List:

HJ 600b.

BJ 700b.

Body to body massage + FS 1500b.

Take out not sure as was a little pissed but on the menu.

Only a few girls but Som said more were coming this week. Nice and relaxing place. A change from the normal BJ bars.


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Oct 29 2012

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Sep 06 2012

Gangbang at Erlebniswohnung – again:Part 4

Another black girl who is a little plump was also playing all the time. I tried her twice and she was really sweet to me. Her smile is very friendly and she kept asking the guys who were sitting on the sofa to join in her. I managed to come with her with her on the top once. But the second time, I couldn’t come. So it was my 5th come in the day! I thought her name is Missy, but I’m not sure.

Then I tried the sauna and relaxed for several hours wishing that I could have the last pop and go back to my hotel to sleep. Sophie showed up and I could see she was very popular with the guys there. Her mouth, hands, pussy, assholes are busy since she entered the play room. I saw two guys sandwiched her and it was first time in my life that I saw this at the site. The whole experience was like a crazy porn film. The only difference was that you were part of it; LOL I didn’t get chance to play with Sophie since she was too popular, and also I was not really interested in her face. To me, it’s like something after addiction with medicine. But her body especially her bottom was super, she was very nice and was really at any time in any way to please the guys. I really appreciated that attitude and I should say most the girls the are like her.

It was about 9:30 pm, most of the guys were left with smiling on their face. But still some guys were coming. I took the final beer and decided to try if I could manage one more pop. I went to the rooms and saw Amina was there. She recognized me and smiled to show me to go the bed with her. She started to blow me slowly and looking in my eyes. I didn’t have a lot of sex experiences with black girls, but among the few I fucked, she was the most friendly girl. She made me stiff and I fucked her in Doggy way, I love this position because I can see my little brother coming out and entering that little plump butt and sqeezed it and feeling the softness of the dark shining black skin at the same time. I raised the speed of fucking her until I roared to a completely satisfied come. She smiled to me in a naughty way and I smile to her in the same way.

All in all I was very happy and satisfied with my first German Gangbang trip. When I have time I will write the second day (Tuesday) experience as well.

I had asked myself. I worried where I can put my cell phone and cigarrets before I went there. It turned out it was stupid to worried about that. When I was there I just put my cell phone in my clothes and check it from time to time. You can also take your cell phone into the living room if you like. Because I saw one guy playing his cell phone in the living room. As for cigarrettes, you can just take it with you to the play rooms or just leave it in the living room. To me the guests and the girls are very nice and friendly. If you keep to behave in a cultural way, they will treat you in the same.

Source: ISG

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Sep 05 2012

Gangbang at Erlebniswohnung – again:Part 3

Now it was about 6 pm and in three hours I had 3 comes. This was really a record for me. I was almost non stop getting horny by the scenes and I could see the other guys were same as me. But now I told me I had to rest for a while because I still had 5 hours ahead. I ate some meatballs and some choped pan cake and some fruits. It was hard to communicate with there other guys because I don’t speak German and I was a little bit shy.

I saw some eldly guys maybe beyond 80 years old and they are still sucked by the girls and fucked them. I wish I could be like them when I reach their age; All the girls are very friendly and they don’t complain if they have to such or fucked by some guys they may don’t like. I only saw one girl, I think is Viviana, was a little bit cold and unfriendly. Because most the girls were inviting if they had vacant hands or mouths or whatever. That girl seemed not like to please too many guys at the same time and only played with one guy. And very soon, she dressed up and disappeared.

There is another small eastern european girl who dressed pink linger on the top. She kept sucking some guys in the bed. I really wanted to try her but she seemed not really enjoyed the playing and after some time she went to the office to smoke and talked on telepone. She did CIM but not swollow and I saw she spited after the guy finished. I waited her for a long time but again later after she showed up she only BBBJ one guy and CIM and disappeared. Later I searched there website and found out her name is Magda.

There was another Big Polish girl with tattoos on her should. I got chance to play with her and released my 4th pop. Maybe she is Julia Dance, but I’m not sure.

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Sep 04 2012

Gangbang at Erlebniswohnung – again:Part 2

Then I went to the living room and ate some food and drunk one beer. There were about 15 guys there and most of them were german middle aged men. There were a young black dude, who came almost at the same time and I saw him nonstop fucking the girls. I also noticed there was a very beautiful girl and I guess her name is Lilu. She is very slim and sweet and her smiling is so charming to me. Later on I saw her in one playroom and I went to see how she performed in the bed. There were 3 guys around her and I didn’t have chance to get closer, but after one guy finished I got on the bed and touched her gentlely. I loved her slim body and creamy white skin. Her tits were also tender like teenager girls. She gave me french while I played with her tits. Her eyes kept staring at me and make me even more horny. I was ready to fuck her in mission when another girl caught my dick and put in her mouth. She was Laura Massage and she was the girl that I saw on both days I visited Erlebniswohnung. She was quite plump and short, not my taste, but her attitude was very good, in two days I saw her kept on searching dicks and whenever there was free one, she would make it released. She also does DFK, and while BBBJ, she always looked horny and enthusiastic. I also saw her doing massage and blowjob for some eldly gentleman on the massage table beside the Sauna room. Her BBBJ is also very tender and slow, her tits are in light pink color to show her age. I fucked her in mission and DFK her until I came for the second time. She is good, but I will not try her again because there were so many other beautiful girls showing up one by one.

After a short time of relax and smoked in the living room I saw one ‘normal’ girl showed up. She dressed like a neigborhood girl and her face and body were not like a ‘working girl’. After I came back and searched their website, I guess she is Sally. First I thought maybe she is a working stuff there helping to clean the rooms. But after a while I saw she undressed and lied on the bed close to the changing room. I could see she was very popular since she was surrounded by many guys instantly. Her body and creamy white skin make the guys dream of their teennages sex experiences. LOL.

Finally I got my chance to touch her and fuck her in Doggy position and released my 3rd pop.

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Gangbang brought to you by PornHub
Sep 03 2012

Gangbang at Erlebniswohnung – again:Part 1

I have always been dreaming to have a sex party with endless girls, delicious food and drinks. Erlebniswohnung makes my dreams come true. I have been to FKK clubs in Germany for several times and I was very excited to see someone fucking girls in the kino there and was turned on at once with such public sex scene. To see other people in sex really thrilled me. Now in Erleniswohnung, you may see those actions at anytime you visit there and it’s the place cloest to heaven for me.

I was there on last Monday (Aug. 20th) and Tuesday (Aug. 21st) and it was my first time visiting such place and attending such a party. I arrive at the place at about 1 pm and before I buzz the ring I was really nervous but excited to see what it will be really like. Is it like what I read in ISG and their website? To relax a little bit I walked around the building and checked if it was really like what I saw on the google street view. The answer is yes! I was standing under the windows of Erlebniswohnung and tried to catch if I can hear the girls moaning. Unfortunately, I can’t here nothing except some loud music. So I decided to go.

I was welcomed by Mustafa. I thought he would be the guy who was in the movie on their website. But it turned out that he was just like a normal turkish guy you met on the street. Quickly checked the club and the two play rooms, it was exactly same as what I saw on the video and I could see some guys are already in some actions. I changed my clothes quickly and had a shower and in ten minutes my dick was Amina’s mouth. She is smaller and slimer than I expected. Her mouth and tongue was so warm and tender and her skin was smooth and shining black too. Someone was fucking her in behind and I enjoyed her BBBJ. As it’s my first pop, I wanted to finish completely my first Gangbang experience. So after the other guy finished, I politely asked if I could fuck her in doggy. She smiled and turned around and put her sexy butt to me, I fucked and played her pumpy bottom until I released. It was really a good start!

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Sep 03 2012

What happened to ”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?

What happened to ”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?

Prince Harry capped off partying with his friends (women and men) in Las Vegas by playing strip billiards. Nude photos soon followed – what will the Queen of England think?

People around the world are coming together to show their support by Prince Harry … in the form of naked tributes on Facebook.

TMZ has discovered … a Facebook group called , “Support Prince Harry with a Naked Salute” has popped up online … with marching orders to back the Prince, by showing your front.

The rules are simple, “please cover your crown jewels, tag yourself in your photo as proof of your support to the nations favourite Royal!”

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Aug 23 2012

Friday at the Erlebniswohnung once again – part 2


Chatted in German with an affable Swedish businessman whilst in the sauna. Interestingly he was a big fan of the Anni Porsche gang bangs, which he said were very different, less guys, more relaxed, girls more into the sex, he had lots of praise for a girl there named Tina, MILF type. I also talked to two German guys, albeit in English this time. It all started as they saw me jotting down notes in my diary, one of the guys told me he had a fuck diary as well, but strictly for his personal use. Both were big fans of Insomnia and urged me to try it ASAP. When asked about Anni Porsche, they said they didn’t think the place was that great.

BangBros banner ml4096 468x60


Food was nice but less “turkish” this time around, some German sausages, French fries and chicken nuggets. The chicken nuggets were delicious. There was I think a bit more choice in the drinks area as well. They even had a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge, which I used to give some flavour to my usual sparkling mineral water.


As per new strategy I faked a few orgasms (LOL) to be able to have more sessions, but as you can see bellow this was much harder to achieve at the end.

– Julia Dance : blowjob, missionary, doggy. No cum-

– Jana : doggy. No cum-

– Jana : missionary, doggy, blowjob. 1st cum, in mouth-

– Dana : missionary, doggy. No cum-

– Merina : doggy. No cum-

– Elina : missionary, doggy. No cum-

– Alexandra : doggy, missionary. No cum-

– Jana : blow job. No cum- (aborted after awhile because bukkake was due 5 minutes later)

– Jana : bukkake. 2nd cum-

– Patrizia : blowjob, missionary. No cum-

– Bella : missionary. No cum-

– Merina : blowjob, missionary. 3rd cum-

– Missy : doggy. No cum-

– Bella : missionary, doggy. 4th cum-

– Sultan : blowjob, missionary, doggy. 5th cum-

– Sarah : doggy. 6th cum-

– Sophie : handjob, blowjob with deepthroating, anal doggy. 7th cum-

– Merina : missionary. No cum-

– Tina : doggy. 8th and final cum-


By 9. 30 PM I felt drained and exhausted and saw no point in staying any longer (OK I could have gone for one more fuck, one more orgasm but I thought this might be pushing it a bit too far and borderline dangerous for my health) , so I took one last shower, got dressed and got my things back from the safe. Mustafa suggested I should come back the next day. I cunningly asked him if there would be different girls present (I knew already from the roster that mostly the same girls would be there) and he was evasive. Told him I might come back the next week (it was my plan B if I didn’t go to Insomnia’s Thursday Gang Bang party but in the end I went to Insomnia) and ran to the U-Bahn to get back home.


A total of 9 hours 30 minutes. 19 sex sessions with 13 different girls. 8 orgasms. 3 sauna sessions. 7 hot showers. 2 beers. 3 liters of Spree Quelle sparkling mineral water. 1 large Coke. 2 light lunches. 1 light dinner. 20 watermelon chunks and 2 bananas : all this for 99 Euros, you got to love living in Berlin!

Source: Great report on Erlebniswohnung once again from a guy on ISG.

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Aug 23 2012

Friday at the Erlebniswohnung once again – part 1


Rung the bell at 11. 55AM precisely, I wasn’t actually buzzed in because one of the staff was arriving at the same time burdened by a huge load of paper towel rolls, he opened the door for me.

Was greeted effusively by Mustafa, got undressed and proceeded to the shower. Before showering, I did a couple of things to avoid not finding my towel and flip-flops after a fuck : tied a brown ribbon that used to be on a gift box of chocolates to the towel and put some wide brown packing tape on the shoes (removed the tape when I left of course!).

By 12. 10PM I was already in action (probably the first guy on that day) getting my dick sucked by Julia Dance.


Sex was good, had my first Erlebniswohnung cum in mouth (courtesy of Jana, who proudly opened her mouth wide to show me she had swallowed) , my first Erlebniswohnung deep throat and my first Erlebniswohnung anal (both courtesy of Sophie). This was a “bukkake” themed day, so one bukkake took place at 3PM and one at 8PM, I only participated in the first one (sprayed Jana’s face and hair profusively) , the second one was extremely crowded (but with at least 6 girls, compared to 4 in the first one).

Drugs, well the usual half a sachet of Kamagra Oral Jelly (mint flavour this time) swallowed at 11. 30AM before the visit, and the other half taken around 4. 30PM.

No Rock’and’Roll, but the more I come here, the more I appreciate the loud, thumping techno music, helps a lot to get into rythm while fucking doggy style!


Just a few brief comments on the girls I hadn’t seen before :

Alexandra, OK I fucked her because early on there weren’t many girls available, she’s allright, but a bit too fat really, like Laura Massage is too. It was a bit pitiful to see her solliciting guys in the corridor or TV / food room because no one was after her.

Viviana, the “Caribbean beauty” or so Mustafa says in his prose, only checked in late afternoon and by then I had too many more salacious opportunities to even consider her, even for a quickie. Doesn’t look too bad but too many tattoos and not my type. Might fuck her in future if she comes in earlier in the day.

Missy, a special case. I must say that with the 20 or so black girls I had sex with in my life so far, it NEVER EVER went well. It’s not a race thing for me, I’m attracted to their bodies, but something always go wrong somewhat, maybe just bad luck for me, or bad chemistry. This time was no different. I don’t think she’s quite at ease with that gang bang thing but anyway when she first got on the bed for some action, she complained loudly to a guy that caressed her pussy, and when I started fucking her doggy she owled to be more careful, that I was being too rough. To be fair she had said something beforehand in German, and I hadn’t understood it. Anyway I quickly lost wood after that and moved on to another girl. I’ll try to fuck her another time in better, quieter circumstances, I really want to break that jinx with black girls! And yeah the photos ARE right she’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen at the Erlebniswohnung, perfect body, tits and ass, flawless black skin.

Sultan, I was eager to meet based on Mustafa’s blurb and photos on the website. Great body, pretty face but an unusual nose. Before she started blowing me she asked politely in German to warn her before I came as she didn’t want cum in her mouth, ain’t that cute? Otherwise OK fuck but nothing spectacular.

Merina, very cute young little blond package, excellent fuck, and she looks into your eyes with that innocent air, difficult not to come prematurely. All in all, she’s very close to getting top girl status in my list.

Jana, dubbed Bitchy Jana by Mustafa but she’s actually very friendly, if assertive and loud. She’ll do what you want her to do when asked nicely. Unusual physique with a tall, large frame, but not big or fat, I quite fancy her looks actually and fucked her multiple times. Highlights were her licking / sucking my balls at my request while I was wanking (I was in Heaven!) , bukkake and a cum in mouth. I’ll be waiting for another confirmation session before putting her on my top girls list along with Yvonne, Lena and Jasmin.

Dana, a beautiful brunette with milky white skin and a phat ass rarely seen on a white girl, absolutely awesome and pure joy to fuck doggy style. I’d swear she’s Jewish but I might be wrong. Anyway she blew me away, can’t wait to see her again!

Sarah, an Erlebniswohnung regular which I hadn’t seen before. Beautiful brunette (shame on that tattoo on her breast) that only gives covered blowjobs apparently. She’s a great fuck : I spent some time watching her with a guy in the reverse cowgirl position, never seen such an energetic fucker, must be in the greatest physical shape to be able to do that!

Sophie, actually I’d seen her before on a couple of occasions but never had “the pleasure” except for a brief handjob once. She was great this time, deepthroated me then asked me to fuck her in the ass. Like Jana I’m waiting for another confirmation session before putting her in my top girls list along with Yvonne, Lena and Jasmin.

Tina, blonde MILF, too many tattoos (photos on the website are inaccurate for that, although obviously it is Tina in the pics) , still quite sexy and a sweet pussy, my last fuck of that day to end on a good note.


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