mother and daughter

Dec 05 2017

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Easily the best thing I’ll ever post on here.

Very true. If the people involved are all adults, go for it. Enjoy life, enjoy incest.

I agree

Consenting adults are free to do as they please in my opinion.

We should be free to decide for ourselves what is right for us individually.

I wish more people thought like this……

I think I’ve reblogged this a few times already, but I’m doing it again. Unfortunately, it’s still a common thought that incest is wrong because relatives shouldn’t mate with each other. Personally, I wouldn’t with any of my actual relatives because I simply haven’t developed any attraction towards them, but for those who have, I don’t see the problem.

Agree whole heatedly !!!

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Dec 04 2017

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Dec 03 2017

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Nov 29 2017

incest-is-bestt:The feelings/pleasure what your brother’s cock…


The feelings/pleasure what your brother’s cock can give you you can’t have it from anybody else

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Nov 28 2017

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Nov 28 2017

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Nov 28 2017

Have you ever….

Have any of my female followers either done incest role play or done “it” with a family member? Let’s hear some stories.

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Nov 27 2017

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Nov 25 2017

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Nov 24 2017

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Nov 22 2017

daughterlover: “Dad! You can’t keep coming in here to jerk off…


“Dad! You can’t keep coming in here to jerk off every time we make out!”

“Listen young ladies, if you are going to have loud sex in my house, then the least you can do is let me enjoy it too.”

“But we’re your daughters! It’s so wrong!”

“And you’re sisters, so enough judging, get on the bed and keep going.”


“You know, it’s kind of hot doing this while Dad watches.”

“Mmmmm I know. Can I take off your panties so he can have a good look?”

“Yes! Let’s drive him crazy!


“Oh yes, you do drive me crazy! I’m a lucky father to have such sexy and horny daughters. Your mother was nothing like this. Now keep kissing while I come closer.”

“Mmmmm yes Daddy… wait Daddy… Dad! Oh my God!”


“Dad! You’re unprotected! This is the riskiest time of the month for both of us!”

“Good to know sweetie as I’m fucking you next!”

“I can’t believe Dad is fucking you.”

“He does feel really good. And it will be nice for us both to be moms together.”

“I love you little sister.”

“I love you big sister.”

“And I love you both, my soon to be pregnant daughters!”

“Oh my God Dad – shut up!”

Baby K….let’s do this…find a “sister”….

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Nov 16 2017

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The reason why men have daughters 😜😜

My daughter has found her purpose in life.

And I couldn’t be happier 

#babyk…fuck daddy!

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Nov 01 2017

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Nov 01 2017

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Nov 01 2017

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Oct 21 2017

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Oct 03 2017

Incest Role Play

How many of you, especially female have role played as family members, specifically brother/sister, but curious about all. Leave a note!

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Sep 08 2017

Well…this is the quickest easiest way to get your sister…

Well…this is the quickest easiest way to get your sister to fuck you…worth every penny.

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Aug 27 2017

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Scene Two – Part 2 of 3

A brother/sister incest scene

Julia and her son Robert move in with her sister and her family after she caught her husband fucking their daughter. After helping Robert settle in, his cousins return to their bedroom. As he does his homework, his sister (Tyson Rich) tells him that he is too good for his girlfriend and that she is hotter. Then she begins to reminisce about when they used to play doctor as kids and how she used to play with his cock. She admits to having watched him jerk off more recently, and talks him into pulling his dick out and masturbating while she plays with her pussy. Soon the siblings want more, and find themselves tasting and fucking one another.

One of the hottest brother sister incest scenes out there.
( Tyson Rich ) knows how to break her reluctant brother by exposing her fresh hairless little pussy and asking him “ Is my pussy cuter than your girlfriends ” soon he pulls his cock out for his sister as they mutually masturbate together like only siblings can. Then without warning Tyson dives into her brothers lap and sucks her brothers cock and asks “ Do I suck cock better than your girlfriend too. ” The Dr. and childhood games escalate and brother decides that full on incest is the next step as he pulls his sisters panties to the side and plunges his bare cock into his sister before stripping them both completely nude and committing full on lustful incest (( 2-3 ))

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Aug 23 2017

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