mother and daughter

Feb 06 2018

thissincest: Cindy and her dad were having another one of their…


Cindy and her dad were having another one of their hot father-daughter playtime afternoons, and once they had each other heated up and primed for fucking, Cindy wiggled up and slid her soaked cunt onto her father’s fat cock and began to roll slowly around his girth as she teased him, easing down but not all the way.

Cindy leaned in and kissed her father deep and dirty, and he shoved up hard into her young pliable pussy, which made her moan into his mouth.

“OMG, Daddy, what am I going to do with you if I ever find a steady boyfriend?”

As they talked, they rocked on one another and punctuated some of their sentences with hot fuck moves.

“Well, my little princess, I guess you’ll have to find one who’s willing to suck your Daddy’s dick.”

Cindy stopped and gasped.”OMG, Daddy, you’d like that?? I thought I was the only bi one here.”

“He wouldn’t be my first, Cindy Lou”, her father purred, and that made Cindy slide all the way up on his swollen dick and slam down fast and hard.

“God, I LOVE you Daddy. Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Well sweet pea, I was being selfish, keeping my hot little gorgeous girl to myself. But I think it’s time that we can share with others now and then, don’t you?”

“I would love that, Daddy. I just didn’t know you’d be open to boys.”

“Think of it this way, sweetheart, since you’re always going to be Daddy’s little girl and fuck princess, your beau would have to get used to drinking my cum from your perfect beautiful cunt right?”

“Ohhh fuuuuck!” Cindy started ferociously riding her Dad with the rush that he gave her from that visual.

“Will you fuck his ass so I can drink you out of him?”

“Of course. Anything for my little dirty girl!”

“UNF!” she moaned as thier fucking ramped up even harder.

“Bring your girlfriends by too, honey pie, and I’ll bring some friends for you.”

“Oh, shit, I have a perfect girl I want, and she’s curious but so shy about being with a girl.”

“Let me fuck her, and you can slip in and lick her clit until she explodes, then drink my cum from her pussy. By then, she’ll be yours fr the taking any time, with or without me.”

“Ohhhhgaawwwwddaaaaddyyyyyyy!”  That one made her cum hard and loud, and her muscular spasms inside made her father dump a monster load into her sweet overjoyed pussy walls.

As they cuddled and groped and kissed, Cindy whispered to her dad. “You’re amazing to be open to all of that. I thought I was the perv in the family.”

Her father laughed, “Sweetie, I think it’s in our genes. You are definitely Daddy’s little girl.”

Suddenly, Cindy gasped with a thought in her head. “I just realized I have the perfect guy. He’s a little shy but he’s been crushing on me big time, and I’m pretty sure he’s bi or open to it.”

“Bring him by tomorrow afternoon, sweet pea and we’ll ruin him together.”

She did…

And thus began their father-daughter anything-goes threesome dates.

Baby K…read this…naked!!!!

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Jan 24 2018

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Jan 24 2018

daughterlover: “I’m sorry Mom divorced you Dad.” “Thanks…


“I’m sorry Mom divorced you Dad.”

“Thanks sweetie, but it for the best. She was the one who insisted you were homeschooled and wouldn’t let you leave the house, which I never agreed with, especially now you’re 18. But at least now I can finally give you… um… new experiences.”


“Wha… what sort of new experiences Dad?”

“Experiences like discovering love… and more…”


“Oh Daddy…”

“Feels nice doesn’t it honey.”


“Yes… but… but you’re my Dad…”

“And that makes me the best person to teach you about all this. Now spin around over here and let’s lose some of these clothes… Mmmmmm, good girl. Here let me help you with those panties.

“Oh Daddy!”


“You taste really good babygirl! So wet and ready for me!”

“Dad, what is happening to me?”

“You’re discovering what it feels like to be loved. That’s why your little pussy is all wet. I bet your nipples are hard too. Let’s see… oh yes… lovely.


“Dad? Can I undress you too?”

“Yes baby.”

“And Dad? Um… are you going to make love to me? 

“Yes I am. Did your Mom teach you anything about sex during you studies with her at home?”

“A bit… it’s not supposed to be something fathers do with daughters though is it?”

“We’re a special case. Come on, let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”


“Daddy… that’s feels really good. Can you just keep doing that? I think it’s maybe too big to push inside me.”

“Shhhhhh, it’s okay to be nervous sweetie. It’ll be fine. But, I’ll keep rubbing it on you like this for a bit, okay?”


“Oh goodness Dad… I… I think I’m ready Daddy… do it…”

“That’s my girl. Here we go…”


“Oh God! Daaaaaad!”

“Oh shit – yes! I know you’re my daughter, but I’ve wanted this for so long! Are you okay baby? Does it hurt?”

“A little… but it’s getting better. Daddy… it feels really good!”


“You’re doing great honey. I’m so happy you like this. We can do it everyday… more if you want!”

“Even when I’m pregnant?”

“What? Your mother never told you about birth control… I guess she didn’t need to…”

“Birth control? What’s that Dad?”

“Never mind sweetie. And yes, I’ll fuck you even when you’re pregnant, which I think will be very, very soon.”

“I hope so Daddy. I love you so much. I can’t wait to have your baby.”


By request (and thank you – this idea really inspired me!):

Request: super innocent daughter has been homeschooled her whole life and never leaves the house. Her father has recently divorced her mother and they have the house all to themselves, so he can introduce her to sex

for my sexy daughter K….baby girl, it’s like this was written about us. 🙂 xo – daddy.

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Jan 22 2018

tigerfan371:See honey I told you our daughter is a true slut….


See honey I told you our daughter is a true slut. Listen to her moan. She doesn’t even care that it’s her father fucking her. She just wants a cock inside her cunt. She’s going to be our little toy from now on. Hot young pussy for both of us. Come on honey fuck our little girl hard. Make her beg!

baby girl K….daddy wants.

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Jan 12 2018

mysexylittlesister: inzworld: My girlfriend sucks my cock…



My girlfriend sucks my cock because she thinks she has to. My sister sucks my cock because she loves to.

A fundamental difference between a sister and a girlfriend.

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Dec 21 2017

For the freaks

I’ll just put this here and let everyone into Daddy/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Mom/Daughter, Daddy/Son or any combination of family incest have at this. ALL of the incest magazines in one place

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Dec 17 2017

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Dec 17 2017

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Dec 05 2017

cheychris12: ninth-hidden-world: studybreak4amy: deletedagain1…









Easily the best thing I’ll ever post on here.

Very true. If the people involved are all adults, go for it. Enjoy life, enjoy incest.

I agree

Consenting adults are free to do as they please in my opinion.

We should be free to decide for ourselves what is right for us individually.

I wish more people thought like this……

I think I’ve reblogged this a few times already, but I’m doing it again. Unfortunately, it’s still a common thought that incest is wrong because relatives shouldn’t mate with each other. Personally, I wouldn’t with any of my actual relatives because I simply haven’t developed any attraction towards them, but for those who have, I don’t see the problem.

Agree whole heatedly !!!

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Dec 04 2017

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Dec 03 2017

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Nov 29 2017

incest-is-bestt:The feelings/pleasure what your brother’s cock…


The feelings/pleasure what your brother’s cock can give you you can’t have it from anybody else

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Nov 28 2017

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Nov 28 2017

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Nov 28 2017

Have you ever….

Have any of my female followers either done incest role play or done “it” with a family member? Let’s hear some stories.

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Nov 27 2017

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Nov 25 2017

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Nov 24 2017

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Nov 22 2017

daughterlover: “Dad! You can’t keep coming in here to jerk off…


“Dad! You can’t keep coming in here to jerk off every time we make out!”

“Listen young ladies, if you are going to have loud sex in my house, then the least you can do is let me enjoy it too.”

“But we’re your daughters! It’s so wrong!”

“And you’re sisters, so enough judging, get on the bed and keep going.”


“You know, it’s kind of hot doing this while Dad watches.”

“Mmmmm I know. Can I take off your panties so he can have a good look?”

“Yes! Let’s drive him crazy!


“Oh yes, you do drive me crazy! I’m a lucky father to have such sexy and horny daughters. Your mother was nothing like this. Now keep kissing while I come closer.”

“Mmmmm yes Daddy… wait Daddy… Dad! Oh my God!”


“Dad! You’re unprotected! This is the riskiest time of the month for both of us!”

“Good to know sweetie as I’m fucking you next!”

“I can’t believe Dad is fucking you.”

“He does feel really good. And it will be nice for us both to be moms together.”

“I love you little sister.”

“I love you big sister.”

“And I love you both, my soon to be pregnant daughters!”

“Oh my God Dad – shut up!”

Baby K….let’s do this…find a “sister”….

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Nov 16 2017

victorialuvincest: itouchmydaughter: bigdaddyincest8: The…




The reason why men have daughters 😜😜

My daughter has found her purpose in life.

And I couldn’t be happier 

#babyk…fuck daddy!

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