Aug 01 2016

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Jul 26 2016

daddyslittleviolet: “Mmmm, do it to me, Daddy!” she begged as…


“Mmmm, do it to me, Daddy!” she begged as she writhed against his swollen hard cock.

“Say it, baby,” he growled. “Daddy wants to hear you say those words.”

“Mmmm, put your…put your big cock in my little cunt, Daddy!” she purred softly, feeling him throb against her slick little opening. “Stretch my little love hole out with your big, fat daddy dick! Use me, Daddy…use your little babyslut…”

Baby Girl K, we’re going to do this….

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Jul 25 2016

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Jul 22 2016

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Jul 21 2016

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Jul 21 2016

Everyone will get a nude!


Hey cuties 😘

Everyone that reblogs this post will get a nude from me, a completely new nude taken just for you. 😱

Stay kinky and loyal. 🙊

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Jul 21 2016

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Jul 17 2016

justbetweenfamily: Marie stroked her pussy lips, plunging two…


Marie stroked her pussy lips, plunging two fingers deep into her wet folds. Daddy loved to look at her swollen and plump pussy lips.He especially loved to come up behind her, spreading her ass checks apart before impaling his daughter. Marie knew that she needed to snap the picture and then send it to him at work. She would have all afternoon to think of Daddy and play with her clit. Right now she needed to send him this photo

photo courtesy of

For Daddy’s Baby Girl K

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Jul 16 2016

bluewildcat71: “Daddy.., oh god… uhhh.. It.. It hurts.”“Shush,…


“Daddy.., oh god… uhhh.. It.. It hurts.”
“Shush, babygirl…. Fuck your so tight… mmm.”
He held her light weight in his hands, lowering her and raising her slowly, trying so hard not to just drop her all the way down on his hard cock like he so badly wanted to.
“Please, Daddy, take it out, take it out.”
There was no way he was taking his cock out of the tightest hole it had ever been in, and it was only a couple of inches in, with so much more to go.
“Oh baby, god you feel so good,” his hips bucked against his will, driving another couple of inches into her, making her cry out. “Don’t you want Daddy to feel good?” He asked, pulling and pushing his cock in and out, in and out, trembling with restraint.
She was groaning, looking down at her Daddy’s big cock disappearing into her, knowing there was no way it was all going into her. Her little pussy was so full all ready and it felt like it was tearing her into.
“But.. But… Daddy…. Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh.” She moaned as he started moving her up and down on the portion of cock that was inside her. Little slurping sounds were coming from her hole and her belly was starting to tingle.
He kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth, working his cock deeper as her little cunt got wetter on his cock.
“Oh yeah, that’s it.. That’s my girl… mmmm…fuck yes….get wet on my cock.”
Over half of his cock was inside her now and more was sliding in. Fuck he was fighting the urge to just out right rape his little girl. He didn’t want to hurt her any more than what he was with his thick cock. He wanted her to love being fucked by him. Wanted her to crave his cock, to seek him out when she was hungry for a cock in her mouth, in her sweet tight little cunt.
“Daddy loves you,” he moaned against her neck, pumping his hips as he pulled her down. Fuck he was so close to getting his cock all the way into his babygirl’s little cunt. “Daddy loves you so much.”
Her whole body was on fire, her pussy stretching around her Daddy’s thick shaft was driving her crazy, making her body feel those special feelings that she had when her Daddy licked her pussy and made her cum, as he called it.
“Daddy, Daddy, oh god… it’s….it’s.. Uhhh…uhhh. Daddy.”
“Yessss… cum on Daddy’s cock, babygirl,” he groaned against her neck, fucking her with long deep strokes. “Cream all over Daddy’s cock, little girl. Mmm, fuck yes. Sweet pussy cream all over me.”
She went weak in his arms as her orgasm overtook her and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pumped her body up and down in his lap, matching the driving need of his hips, ramming his cock into his babygirl, as his seed began to rise from his balls.
“Oh god….uhhh..uhhh…fuck… Daddy’s gonna cum,…cum in your little cunt,” he nearly screamed, jamming her down to the hilt as he shot spurt after spurt into her creamy hole.
“Oh, sweetie, mmm…Daddy loves you. Mmmm.” He kissed her, felt her tongue slide into his mouth and he moaned.
“I love you, too, Daddy.”

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Jul 12 2016

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Jul 08 2016

kissing-cousins-captions: cheatingandbreakupsluts: Talking on…



Talking on the phone with my girlfriend is one of the most mentally clearing things I can do. Just talked to her. Wonder what she was doing…

Girls so can be so giddy when the talk on the phone

Captions of Cougars, Cousins and the MILFs nextdoor: –Aunties & the only nephew -The cutest girls I know

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Jul 08 2016

greedylittlessslut: “You’re my perfect slut, Kitten,” Daddy…


“You’re my perfect slut, Kitten,” Daddy groaned. Running his hands across me. “Mmm, Daddy’s so proud of you, my Little Slut Kitten.”

Panting, I feel Daddy’s fingers grip my ass. His bare cock slamming even deeper. I meet his hungry gaze, “Mgh, I-I’m yours, Daddy.”

He lowers his head, wrapping his mouth around one of my nipples and sucking hard. Gasping, I try to concentrate on what I wanted to let him know.

“I love b-being fucked by my Da-Daddy. I l-love being your Little—ungh—S-slut Kitten. I’ll always b-be yours, Daddy.”

Letting my nipple go with a pop, Daddy gives me a deep kiss.

“Daddy has big plans for you, Kitten. Daddy’s gonna make sure his Little Slut Kitten gets everything she deserves.”

So hot, wish #babyK and I were doing this

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Jun 30 2016

daddyslittleviolet: “Now, baby,” warned the little girl’s…


“Now, baby,” warned the little girl’s Daddy, “I know you want to be a naughty girl, but don’t tease me like that if you’re not prepared.”

She giggled, kneeling between his legs and looking up at him with an innocent smile. “Prepared for what, Daddy? Mmm, do you wanna do nasty things to me? To your little girl, Papa?” She felt his hard cock against her flat young tummy and felt her little pussy get wet as she wriggled against him, licking her lips as she teased his big, fat daddy dick.

“Mmm, yes, babygirl,” he rasped. “You’re making Daddy want to do very nasty things to you. That’s why you shouldn’t tease, sweetie…unnnhhh, because if you don’t stop rubbing on Daddy’s cock like a dirty little whore, Daddy’s not going to able to control himself, sweetie.”

Still giggling, she unzipped his pants and wrapped her little hand around his massive, swollen cock, pulling it out and stroking it as she looked at him defiantly. “Mmmm, Daddy, look how hard I made it,” she purred. “I’m sorry I’m such a naughty little girl, Daddy…I made your cock so big and hard with my teasing, and now you can’t stop yourself…mmmm, can you, Daddy? It’s okay, Daddy…I know you need to use my little girl holes to satisfy your big, fat daddy dick. I’ll be good, Daddy…I’ll be a good little girl while you molest my little fuckholes…”

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Jun 29 2016

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Jun 09 2016

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May 16 2016

thekelts-incestdesires: the-incestuous: joeltorridfamily: TABO…





A brother/sister incest scene

Junior violates his sleeping sister’s pussy with his fingers. When Sherry (Dorothy Lemay) wakes up, she is livid and kicks him out of her room. As Junior gets up to leave, his massive cock is hanging out of his pajamas. Sherry has second thoughts and invites her big brother back into her bed to get pounded by that big dick.

More @

One of my fave porn films

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May 15 2016

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May 14 2016

sweetcaptions: My daughter was an idiot and had managed to get…


My daughter was an idiot and had managed to get herself kicked off the cheerleading squad due to bad grades. When I asked her how she was going to fix this she just said, “I have my ways, Daddy”. I said, “Show me!”

And she did…

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May 09 2016

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Apr 30 2016

Classic Incest Erotica – Over 400 Titles



How would you like to read Incest books from times past? Maybe you want some Sister/Brother action or perhaps you prefer Mom/Son or you might just want some Daddy/Daughter erotica. Well, I’ve put together a compilation of over 400 Incest books that I’ve downloaded off the Internet. Some may not be incest because I downloaded what was appealing to me, but I assure you that most of them are incest or incest related… no pun intended.

They were originally in TXT format but are now in EPUB format, perfect for reading on your tablet.

Reading them on your computer is no problem! There are a number of EPUB readers out there but I personally prefer Calibre

I will tell you that there are some misspellings in some of these stories and occasionally the wrong word is used. I haven’t read them all and I don’t have time to fix every one of them. But what I can tell you is that it really doesn’t distract from the reading too much. 

I am putting them on my Google Drive. If you click on the link to my GOOGLE DRIVE which contains over 400 incest erotica books, there will be an option to add to your Google Drive. It is a bright blue button in the top right corner of the screen. As I add books or change them they will be updated on your computers as well.

I am also considering putting together a torrent file containing everything I have. I may also upload them to a sharing site like Deposit Files or Rapid Share later on. Let me know if you would prefer those methods of sharing over Google Drive.

One last thing. PLEASE reblog this post so we can let as many people have these books as possible.


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